Or specifically this one. The bathroom I used last year wasn't quite as bad (not saying it was great). (Lol this was in my drafts and I'm on break right now so I don't have to worry about this for a few weeks)
  1. Shower shoes
    Like ew these showers are nasty. Also I hate wet flip flop squeaks and don't want to announce to everyone "here I am coming, fresh out of the shower" especially since I live as far as possible from the bathroom
  2. One ply toilet paper
    I actually don't mind it that much but I know everyone else does
  3. Whoever leaves hairballs in the sink
  4. Whoever leaves a pile of pubic hair in the corner of the shower
  5. I found a cockroach in here once
  6. On the opposite side of the hallway
    I have to walk pretty far to the bathroom which sucks in the middle of the night when I just want to go back to sleep. Also I live on the first floor so I have to walk past the security desk which is awkward
  7. Small stalls
    Like I could be sitting on the toilet and someone could easily be two feet away. Privacy? Also barely being able to get into the stalls since they open forward into the stall
  8. Similarly, the huge cracks to look into the stall
  9. People who don't flush
  10. Bathrooms are not good places for my phobia
    EXTREME vomit phobia
  11. Someone dripped blood on the seat
    Like I'm sure it was unintentional and unnoticed but still nasty!
  12. Anxiety
    I'm one of those people who can't pee around other people in such an intimate setting so like... Going to the bathroom stresses me out way more than it should because I gotta make sure the bathroom is empty
  13. I can't see in the shower!!
    I don't expect fancy shower lighting, but it would be nice to have ANY light in the vicinity, so that I wouldn't have to bring my phone in as a flashlight (yes I do this)
  14. Awkward cleaning times
    I am so grateful for the maintainer who cleans the bathroom and he is a really great guy, but I have to wake up early if I want to shower in the morning because he cleans it when I would normally get up. Waking up is hard enough in college as it is.