1. It was second grade
  2. We had indoor recess
  3. I was drawing on some graph paper on the floor with two acquaintances, Michelle and Charlotte
    And there were some boys there too
  4. And there was the typical elementary school boy/girl tension
  5. Anyway Michelle started writing these mean toilet humor notes
    I specifically remember "jack peed and pooped in the sink" because she asked me how to spell sink
  6. And so we made a bunch of those notes about the boys who were drawing near us
    And tbh they didn't seem that upset? Like obviously they didn't like it and denied it but they may have done the same thing back to us as a joke? And nobody seemed visibly upset, and it was easy to cry in 2nd grade. I don't quite remember everything. But nobody was taking it seriously, or so I thought.
  7. Recess ended and the teacher came back and gave the class a lecture about how inappropriate the behavior was
    I don't quite know how she knew about it considering we were doing it up until the end of recess and she immediately got mad upon entering the room
  8. She made me and Michelle and Charlotte stay back while the rest of the class went to a class called "assembly" (which is as bad as it sounds)
    Did someone tattle on us?? How did she know it was us ?? Like I said, I never saw a single kid tattle on us. And if the recess lady saw she should have stopped us herself
  9. She pulled out some example notes that she must have gotten out of the trash
    One of them wasn't even pointed at anyone. It was just one that said "shake your booty" with like some hips drawn. I still think it's funny to this day that a second grader drew it. And tbh I don't even remember that being drawn
  10. None of my notes were there
    I don't even remember what I wrote anymore unfortunately
  11. We were awkwardly late to assembly class
    And eventually the class ended and the teacher brought the class back to our normal classroom
  12. Michelle and Charlotte had to go out in the hallway and apologize to the boys
  13. They also got "think sheets" (the ultimate punishment in elementary school) and their notes were stapled to the page for their parents to see
  14. I was sitting in my chair, trying not to cry (I didn't want to get in trouble!!), waiting for my turn to go out in the hallway and apologize and get a think sheet
  15. But the time never came
  16. I honestly don't know why they got in trouble and I didn't
  17. But second grade me was so relieved
    I'm a good kid I swear!!
  18. In retrospect, I think it's funny that I was so afraid of a think sheet, or that this incident was blown so wildly out of proportion
    Not to say that it wasn't mean, because it was, but I was under the impression that we all thought it was funny? I guess I was wrong. But I could've sworn the guys had joined in
  19. And I can't even imagine being a parent in that situation
    Your second grader (a know-it-all goody-two-shoes, might I add) is in trouble, and they end up pulling out a note that says "shake your booty"? I might die of laughter