TV I Watched With My Parents Growing Up

My parents were heavily influenced by British comedy, in large (but not whole) part because of the time we spent living in the UK.
  1. Blackadder
    This show features Rowan Atkinson in a completely different tone from Mr. Bean. It forces you to realize that to the British, acting is a craft. They kill. Hugh Laurie also plays a role that is so opposite his "House" fame, and it's my favorite. The different seasons feature all the same characters but they occupy different points in history. So creative and unique. The Christmas episode was featured at my parents' house most years. So much black humor on a jolly holiday.
  2. Jeeves & Wooster
    Again, Hugh Laurie ruled my life. This show is one of the few times a TV adaptation was better than the book IMO. Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry have such amazing chemistry and unparalleled clarity of expression that by the end, you can't imagine the stories happening any other way.
  3. Good Neighbors
    Gif-less, here. This was my first exposure to the idea of urban gardens, living "off the grid," and staying friends with people who are really different from you. So funny and really enduring.
  4. LOST
    Jin was the hottest. K? I was the last in my family to jump on the bandwagon. I watched the whole first season when I was down after getting my wisdom teeth out. I moved to Texas during the series but flew home to see the finale with my family.
  5. The Simpsons
    Originally banned from our conservative Christian, homeschooling household, this show is one of my few memories of my mom reversing her position on something. We thought this show was disrespectful cartoon garbage, but it turned out to be pretty high-level hilarious satire. It taught me about satire more overtly than any literature or other artwork I can recall. Way better than Family Guy, btw. No comparison.
  6. Scrubs
    My first favorite sit com that I loved with singular affection (til it got weird). Perry Cox was always my favorite character, and taught me about loving complicated people and coming of age in the workplace. Episodes with Brennan Manning are the absolute best.