Well we are getting really close to a couple years without Dave...here are some ways to keep his legacy going...feel free to add more!
  1. 10. Play Mujibur Sirajul instead of Marco Polo....Mujibur....Sirajul....Mujibur....Sirajul
  2. 9. Introduce the family as, "Hi, my name's Dave, this is my lovely wife Paul and my two kids Felicia and Anton."
  3. 8. Swear off making any purchases that will not float.
  4. 7. Big Ass Ham - it's what's for dinner!
  5. 6. Enroll in local community course on how to butcher a cow. Insist on a know your cuts of meat quiz.
  6. 5. Binge watch Dallas reruns.
  7. 4. Instead of handing out your business card at meetings, wing it at them and make window crashing sounds.
  8. 3. Sing "We get letters, we get letters, we get lots and lots of letters....LETTERS!" on the way to the mailbox.
  9. 2. Take bets on whether or not your Uber will pick you up wearing a bear suit.
  10. 1. FOUR WORDS: Go Pro Hose Cam!