1. Vet
    From I was about 4 I was obsessed with animals. I begged my mum for a dog every day, I watched Pet Rescue religiously after primary school & collected fact file folders on animals and how to be a vet. I was hardcore about getting that puppy!
  2. Vet 2.0
    It was my tenth birthday, and my dad had finally found a puppy my mum wasn't allergic to, a (toy) poodle. I was ecstatic, I could finally back up my vet calling by having a pet. I went on to get an A in my 11+ and got accepted into Rathmore Grammar School.
  3. Oh shit I can't be a Vet I'm not smart enough
    Now while I wasn't getting the lowest grades in the class I also wasn't getting the highest, which I was used to in primary school. This dwindled my belief in myself. I started to take art class more seriously and enjoyed the freedom of it.
  4. Graphic Designer
    I'd always drew from I was a small kid. I'd copy poems from books and draw around them and try to copy the fonts on the covers of magazines. At age 16-17 we did work placement. I was placed in a graphic design studio with no soul. It consisted of 8 people, they barely spoke to each other, glued to their computer screens creating print materials. I spoke to two people that week and created 5 fake album covers. I didn't want to be a graphic designer.
  5. Chef
    I'd dropped out of school just before my AS level exams and began working full time in a call centre for BT. It was hell, I was back in front of a computer, which I didn't mind as I had an addiction to World of Warcraft at this point, but the people I worked with were not with it. This was their end point. I decided I'd pick up a trade and I always wanted to learn how to cook so I joined Belfast met. I dropped out because of homophobic bulling 4 months in.
  6. Tattoo Artist
    Miami ink was starting to get popular and Kat von D was the shit! I wanted to be her she was super talented and confident with a take no shit attitude. I started drawing tattoo artwork everyday and my mum forced my to go into a tattoo parlour and ask to take me on as an apprentice. I showed him my work, he was impressed but he already had a full time apprentice. I worked there 1 day a week, for exactly 2 weeks, then I never showed up again.
  7. Back to basics: Studying Foundation Art & Design
    I didn't know what I wanted to do, I loved drawing, I loved art history, I loved collecting pretty things and I lived on my computer and was always after the next best technology. I had let my work placement leave too much of an impression on me so I refocused myself on graphic design. I went to Manchester to visit my friend Niall, I loved it, it breathed life and possibility into me. I needed to live there!
  8. Graphic design and advertising
    I got into Manchester! My life was changing, I was optimistic & felt like 10 year old me who could do anything if she wanted it bad enough. I loved my course, I was creatively free and I was SOLVING PROBLEMS. I felt like I was doing something good and worthwhile that would help people even a little, make their day a little easier or the best bit: bring a smile to their face.
  9. Digital Designer
    We'd started to learn basic HTML & CSS on my course, it interested me how websites were built so I looked into it more and came across an interaction and development course at Hyper Island Design School Manchester. It was my spirit animal! Their way of thinking was how I thought design and digital melded together. I joined their school, gaining an apprenticeship for a digital agency. I had a job in my dream carrier. Ecstasy. I left so luck.
  10. User Experience Designer
    Now at the age of 25 & creeping closer to 26, I know what I want to do: help make people's lives easier, solve problems big and small, bring joy into people's lives. I love trying to understand people and the psychology behind our actions/ inactions. I feel like I can with this job title & hopefully more