1. went to wardroom
    necessary in order to get my free cold pop
  2. got my hair braided
    guess who doesn't have to shower tonight
  3. braided Moira's hair
  4. fucked up Moira's hair
    I tried to be experimental af, and it was ugly af
  5. talked about gross ass shit that's happened in cochran bay
    did u know middle bay once put sausages in the ceiling of the Cochran bay washrooms? ya and they didn't find out until MAGGOTS came out of the shower drain the next floor up.
  6. buzzfeed quizzes
    I'm not proud of it, but it's fun
  7. misheard Moira and almost vomited
    we were eating mac n cheese when I thought I heard her say "there's a worm in it" and I yelled as I felt oncoming waves of nausea. as it turns out she said "it's award winning".
  8. This shift isn't over yet, who knows what list-able things are gone get to happen next!!!