Morgan is mah bffl and I've had a beer
  1. we are the same person
    if I had a dime for every time we a. were described as interchangeable or, b. wore the same outfit I'd be able to buy a whole sock at American apparel
  2. she mainly drinks coolers
    how many people do you know who can unironically drink a Bacardi breezer and (barely) get away with it?
  3. we hate the same people
    the basis of any good relationship
  4. one time she swore at me the entire time I walked (carried) her home and I still love her
  5. I have probably done the same thing to her and she still loves me
  6. sometimes when she's really excited, she lunges
    haven't you noticed that? she totally does a weird sideways lunge
  7. she has the loudest laugh ever lol
    "when you get Morgan laughing she sounds like a nut!" - my dad
  8. she's a cool progressive/feminist gal
    cats against cat calling!!
  9. she's funny
    have u heard her #divorce jokes?
  10. she went out for Halloween with me during grade 11 and 12
    being a bunch of grapes was a bunch of fun