As I type this, my awesome mom is driving us 720 miles to our old hometown so she can hang out with her sister for a couple of days while I attend my high school many feels
  1. How did this happen? 25 Years???
  2. Does my (awesome) mom drive this aggressively when she has my kids in the car? The tailgating gives me cause for concern...
  3. Really, how hard could it possibly be to paint my toenails right now?
  4. I hope the reunion doesn't include playing the Billboard Top 100 songs from 1991 on a constant loop. Let's be honest, it wasn't a banner year.
  5. How is it possible that I-81 through Pennsylvania has been under construction for 18 years?
  6. My goal for the evening is to achieve the perfect amount of tipsy, but first I should probably eat some real food. Easy Cheese on a Triscuit (while a tasty and traditional road trip snack) isn't going to be enough.
  7. My mom's light suggestion that we listen to music through her iHeartRadio app has actually worked out surprisingly well. So far.
  8. I wish this reunion happened three years ago when I was still working out.
  9. I hope the reunion is a good time (or at least not terrible). Regardless, I'm psyched to spend some time with a couple of my old besties and it was great to road trip with my (awesome) mom.