Unpopular opinion night which will make everyone hate me. Inspired by @jeffnewman
  1. Never seen any of the Star Wars
    Well I mean I saw the newest one... Despite loving it, I don't really have a desire to watch the originals any time soon. (( This also goes for Star Trek ))
  2. I'm not a fan of The Beatles
    The only song of theirs that I kind of like is Michelle, and that's only because that's my name
  3. I don't hate Ross !!!
    Monica is the worse of the Geller siblings. But no where near as annoying to watch as Phoebe. This is a list for another time but Ross doesn't deserve as much hate as he gets.
  4. I almost got an anchor tattoo
    It would have said "be your own anchor" with a little anchor piece at the end. I was younger and stupid, and I thought it sounded deep and poetic. I now know why people under 18 aren't allowed to get tattoos.
  5. I LOVE macaroni and cheese with ketchup
    Why is that such a weird thing??? Everyone always gives me grief about it but it's delicious. Grilled cheese and ketchup too? I can't have either one of those without ketchup.