1. Oscar
    Finish the living room
  2. Ryan
    Live life like it's an art project
  3. Gabe
    Be less squeamish around people's dogs and babies
  4. Pam
    Drink less caffeine
  5. Holly
    Cross train
  6. Michael
  7. Kevin
    Eat more vegetables
  8. Angela
    Make time for romance! (with the senator)
  9. Meredith
    2 Cigarettes a day
  10. Dwight
    Meet a loose woman
  11. Creed
    One amazing cartwheel!
  12. Erin
    Learn a new word every single day!!
  13. Kelly
    Get more attention by any means necessary
  14. Phyllis
    Yoga lessons with Bob
  15. Darryl
    Read more
  16. Andy
    Learn to cook for one
  17. Jim
    Bike more
  18. Stanley
    Be a better husband and boyfriend