I had the privilege of visiting the recreated bedroom Ferris Bueller's Day off, at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. I briefly spoke to the artists, Sarah Keenlyside and Joe Clement about their instillation. It is part of the Gladstone's alternative art exhibit and will be showcased through Jan 21-24, 2016
  1. After months of fundraising and hunting for the perfect items, three long 19 hour work days to create the set (and who knows how many hours spent rewatching the movie), Sarah and Joe have brought Ferris Bueller's bedroom back to life.
  2. Ferris' computer.
    "Ferris was a pretty spoiled kid". Joe went on to explain how Ferris' computer costs around $6000 (can't remember if that's what it was worth then or now) and how he had a pretty advanced stereo system for his time.
  3. If you look closely, the computer screen is based on the scene where Ferris hacks into the school system to change his attendance record
    The artists had to travel all the way to Barrie, Ontario to find the vintage computer and have it programmed to show this
  4. Decoy Ferris in bed
  5. A pinned picture of Sloan next to his bed
  6. Props on top of his radio-amplifier night stand
    Note a second picture of Sloan. It's accuracy to the movie is unknown, but I think it's a pretty cute touch.
  7. Ferris' elaborate contraption, used to deceive his family of his presence
  8. Close-up of the trophy used
  9. Ferris' messy floor
  10. Poster's on his wall
  11. Another poster-plastered wall as well as the knick knacks on top of his dresser
  12. Close-up of said knick knacks
  13. Ferris' keyboard and dresser
    Check out the stickers on his dresser
  14. All of this can be seen at Ferris Fest in Chicago! May 21-22, 2016
    2016 marks the 30 year anniversary of Ferris Bueller's Day Off! Sarah and Joe have been asked to pack all this up and display it Ferris Fest. So if you'll be in Chicago during that time, definitely check it out (even if I spoiled most of it for you) !!