1. My ideal first date is going out to eat with someone
    Not because I love food, but it's so I can see how they treat the servers. It's weird I know, but I think it says a lot about someone. I want someone who is nice to everyone, even people who are waiting on them. If my date treats the servers terribly, how long until he treats me the same?
  2. I got to try out my theory this for the first time today
    I went out to dinner with three friends, and amongst the three is someone who I've liked for about ten months now, and we were with friends so it's not even like he was on "date behavior". He was actually perfect, he was polite and joked around with them, he's respectful and knows how to behave himself in a more upscale place. This is really just icing on the cake, I doubt my opinion of him would've really changed if he was a shitty customer.
  3. I fell more in love with him in that hour than I have for the past ten months
    I also really hope he never reads this