I totally blew this app off the first time I caught wind of it but curiosity got the best of me and now I'm beyond obsessed
  1. Firstly, hats off to @dev and @bjnovak for creating such a genius and different technological baby for people who just love making lists
  2. I love that it's not mainstream enough for any of my friends to have it so it's like I have this separate world from them
  3. This is probably the case for most people, which allows us to be more vulnerable and open than we would be if we were being 'followed' by people we have to see on a day-to-day basis
  4. It's so easy to use and there's practically a list for anything in the world
  5. It's really addictive, I'm literally just reading lists here 99% of the day
  6. Really creative, and for lack of a better word "woke" people here and it's enlightening to read their opinions and thoughts on things
  7. So thanks!