1. When I almost miss the step of an escalator
    Or the alternative where I pause for a few seconds, calculating when to get on. Therefore, having an angry mob behind me waiting for their turn to step on the moving stairs of doom.
  2. Having list notifications turned on for @bjnovak
    I always think I'm actually getting a notification from him interacting with me, when in fact it's just to update that he's posted a new list... one day though, one day.
  3. Charging for the subway doors as they start to close
    Will I make it?? Will something of mine get caught between the closing doors??? How embarrassing would it be if I run and they close right when I reach the door??
  4. When I drop my phone but my headphones save me
    Or when I do happen to drop my phone, and have that horrible morning where I check that the screen is still intact. It's been a year of constant dropping and my phone screen only has minor scratches. Either this screen protector is A1 or iPhones aren't that destructible as people make them out to be.
  5. When my bus prediction app lies
    It'll go from 3:00 minutes to 46seconds in a few seconds. How am I suppose to catch the bus now??? Too many of my daily problems revolve around public transit... maybe I should get a car.