Inspired by @alys
  1. Sprinkles
    The love of my childhood through age 10. I can still taste the nostalgia in my mouth, although I doubt I'd be ordering this again.
  2. Chocolate Dip & Honey Cruller
    Beloved favourites from aged 12-14. I had a two year hiatus that consisted of eating whichever donut I was in the mood for before committing and realizing that there just wasn't anything better than chocolate dip and honey cruller, at the time. *Couldn't find a picture of both the chocolate dip and honey cruller so that's a chocolate cruller
  3. Sour Cream Glazed
    Aged 15-forever. That combination sounds disgusting, but it's so fucking amazing! It literally blew my mind the first time I tried it, and now I can't stop.
  4. Tim-bits
    For all of my Canuck life. Always bought for the family, always devoured solely by me.