Tips from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide that's still good and applicable past middle school
  1. During the first day: just relax, be yourself and don't panic! Try to make new friends and get to know your teachers (or work colleagues)
  2. Never get on their bad side, It won't help
  3. Stay away from really talkative people. You won't EVER be able to concentrate on ANYTHING!
  4. Get to know them first then, ask them out
  5. It's okay for a girl to ask a boy out
  6. Don’t like something? Don’t complain, change it
  7. If a friend is there for you, be there for them
  8. NEVER ask a girl out just because she's "hot". Try to get to know her and like her for her. Your relationship will last longer. DON'T RUSH IT!
  9. Don't make a call while doing something else or talking to someone else. its rude.
  10. Don't say anything that makes someone else feel bad
  11. Change your look - change your self image, but make sure you are still true to yourself