In the words of Aziz Ansari, these are racial slurs, ethnic slurs. they're offensive. they're offensive by their very nature. so if I say one or describe one, and you're offended.. there's no need to be. because we all know they are offensive. so instead, you can shut your fucking mouth.
  1. Darky/Whitie/Brownie/Yellow
    I don't need to explain this one. Wow. Literally no thought went into coming up with this one.
  2. Kraut (from Sauerkraut)
    US an British term for Germans. No idea why.
  3. Jungle bunny
    a black person
  4. Zipperhead
    An Asian person
  5. Plastic Paddy
    A non-Irish person who claims to be Irish. I'm just thinking of Regina George's Plastics..
  6. Sheeny
    Untrustworthy Jew. This makes me think of Charlie Sheen.
  7. Sideways vagina/pussy
    Asian, particularly Chinese, women.
  8. Pepper or Pepsi
    for French Canadians, because of their love of Dr. Pepper and Pepsi. Don't we all like soda pops? Why is it exclusive to French Canadians...
  9. Square head
    a Nordic person, such as Scandinavian or German. The first thing that comes to mine is SpongeBob SquarePants so...
  10. Prairie N-word
    Native American. Inconvenient because what if someone says to a Native American, "get out of here you prairie n-word", and a black person goes "what did you say?" "I said prairie this doesn't concern you"
  11. Fuzzy Wuzzy
    colonialist term used to refer to the Hadendoa warriors in the 19th Century
  12. Swamp Guinea
    a person of Italian descent. I don't know even have words for this one
  13. Touch of the tar brush
    derogatory descriptive phrase for a person of predominantly Caucasian ancestry with real or suspected African or Asian distant ancestry. "you don't think I see that distant Asian ancestry in your predominantly Caucasian face?" -Aziz Ansari
  14. Mau-Mau
    Aggressive black person. I'm just thinking about some Donald Trump supporting hillbilly saying, "Get out of here you fucking Mau-Mau!"
  15. Christ killer
    A Jew. Aziz said this was a term made by people who hate Asians so much that they blame them for the death of Christ, but Wikipedia says otherwise... I made another list about this ( )
  16. Cheese-eating surrender monkey
    a Frenchman, from the defeat of the French against the Germans in 1940, and the huge variety of cheeses originating from France. Gained popularity after the term was used on an episode of The Simpsons.