Collection of tips and tricks for shaving your magical bits. Probably a million lists out there with tips on how to shave your pubes, but can there really be enough?? This is list targeted more for gals but if a guy can take something away from this then hooray!
  1. Don't use shaving cream! Use conditioner instead*
    This also works with any sort of body hair.. and your skin will be silky smooth afterwards.
  2. Always use a fresh razor
    If you don't have one, rub your current razor in the opposite direction of a pair of jeans or similar fabric to sharpen them.
  3. Trim before you start shaving
  4. It is suggested that you shave in the direction of the hair growth but let's be real it doesn't remove a lot of hair? Shave from the side going in so you aren't going against the grain, but still getting rid of the hair
    I have trouble with this one.... I know I SHOULD do this but going against the grain is so much quicker ugh
  5. As soon as you finish shaving, pat a cold, wet towel around the area to close pores and soothe irritation
  6. To avoid a rash/razor burn, apply unscented stick deodorant* in the direction of hair growth after you towel off
    I personally wouldn't recommend going near the labia majora (as a safety precaution and bc I'm clumsy af) but the mons pubis is a-okay!
  7. Moisturize !!! Use an UNSCENTED lotion or baby oil
    You can also use baby oil as a cheaper alternative to conditioner !!!
  8. Just gonna say this one more time but NEVER use any oils, creams, or anything past the labia majora !!
    If you do (shit happens) it's not the absolute worst thing in the world if you wash it immediately... and if you accidentally cut yourself, I'm praying for you! 💖