Okay so Spotify had this promotion where you can get 3 months of premium membership for .99¢. Umm what a bargain ?????
  1. I don't know what to listen to
    When I was a basic using the basic membership, I was always whining about how blessed it would be with a premium membership
  2. All I've done is listen to old Disney Channel bops
    Brings me back to my childhood memories and I'm nostalgic af but it's getting boring now
  3. So please please suggest music for me! I listen to anything!
    A girl can only replay Frank Ocean's album so many times...
  4. Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots
    Listen to this album start to finish it's incredible
    Suggested by @foodnetwork
  5. Bieber's new album. It's so 🔥
    Suggested by @stars
  6. Childish Gambino-Camp or Because the Internet, Tori Kelly Unbreakable Smile is 💯. The world is your oyster with Spotify Prem. GO HAM
    Suggested by @brynelle
  7. Tori Kelly's album Unbreakable Smile!
    Suggested by @kaymaldo
  8. Your Discover Weekly playlist. That's what it's there for!
    Suggested by @mrsmacleod