1. Sorry I'm Late
  2. Not A Cool Kid (feat. The Unknown Members of The Black Eyed Peas)
  3. Meme Dream Team
  4. So Long Boys, Hello Men
  5. Are You Gonna Finish That?
  6. Super Salad Slut
    To express my new found love for Cobb salads
  7. Carbs Sex (interlude)
    A sensual minute of me crunching on toast, slurping spaghetti, etc
  8. Michelle (cover)
    Not a fan of the Beatles but that's my name and I want you to know it
  9. 6 Goddess
    Almost have as much hometown pride for Toronto as Drake does
  10. Aren't I Punny?
  11. Just Met, Now Newly Weds
    I fall for people way too easily this is just bound to happen
  12. Smell Like Yesterday
  13. Where's My Dad?