Stupid shit I've done (or more accurately, remember) while I was either stoned or drunk... maybe both, I don't really know. (PSA: DRINK AND MAYBE DO RECREATIONAL DRUGS RESPONSIBLY AND PLS DON'T BE STUPID LIKE ME AND DO THEM AT SCHOOL)
  1. Hooked up with randos
    Last year I hooked up with some guy without ever learning his name and I can't even remember what he looks like. Blond maybe ???
  2. Drunk texted an ex
    So typical and cliché but I did it. It was embarrassing because he's really anti-partying and I was too when I was with him, and I just wanted to rub it in his face that I'm a totally different person now without him. Completely backfired when I realized he didn't care about me and how much fun I was having.
  3. Almost committed suicide ?¿
    Stoned out of my mind from HALF of a pot brownie (hella lightweight here). Was hallucinating and actually fainting every few minutes. Worse part, I was at school when this was happening. Heavily contemplating jumping off the hill our school is on top of to end this bullshit.
  4. Forgot how many months are in a year
    I was in science class ( I need to stop getting stoned at school. Seriously. Some one stop me.) and I was freaking out when I was making a graph because I couldn't count the months and I kept starting over... my lab partner was very concerned and unaware of my state of mind.
  5. Had a woke ass nap in front of the class
    Okay someone please stop me !!! It is 100% true that the naps you take when you're stoned are sooOOOoo much better. I was in band class and I sit front row and completely dozed off. I was still aware of my surroundings and the music I was hearing sounded blessed.
  6. Threw up in the subway
    Drank on an empty stomach (again, I'm really stupid) and on my subway ride home, I felt incredibly nauseous. Got off at the next stop and I couldn't even make it to a garbage before throwing up all over myself and the floor (sorry TTC workers that had to clean it up). Bless up these nice ass girls who offered me their lemonade tho !! Glad us gals have each other's backs !! ❤️