Little things that happen at work that annoy me, personally, and probably most people who work in the food industry
  1. Coming in ten minutes before closing time for a sit down meal
    Yes we'll serve you, no we won't be too happy about it. I don't know but everything that happens after closing like clean up gets affected when people stay for a while longer after a place closes.
  2. Snapping your fingers at us
    While it's effective in catching your server's attention, it's a rude thing to do. We are not dogs waiting at your beck and call, please politely call us over and we'll help you.
  3. When you unload a shit ton of change for your bill
    Yes it's the same monetary value but I'm really not trying to count a million dimes and nickels, especially during rush hour.
  4. Blaming us for things out of our control
    The kitchen staff is working to the best of their ability, but when there's a huge rush there's a lot of orders to take care of and therefore, your food might take a little longer than usual. While I understand that you're hungry, telling me to go in and tell them to hurry it up won't change anything. Sorry.
  5. Sending things back
    Totally understand if something isn't to your liking and you want to send it back, happy to do that and make your visit pleasurable. But don't send something back after you've eaten more than half of it, it doesn't take you that long to figure out you don't like it.
  6. Shitty tips
    Really controversial because some people don't believe in tipping, but most servers get paid under minimum wage and live off of tips so please keep that in mind. And please don't dock our tips for something out of our control, see point #4.
  7. But we love our regulars and anyone who comes. We enjoy serving you, honestly.