Inspired by @joemurphy
  1. Mac and cheese WITH ketchup
    Yeah I'm that freak...
  2. Pasta noodles with soy sauce
    Any pasta dish, but highly recommend mac and cheese with soy sauce. I really just can't enjoy mac and cheese without some additional weird thing to it..
  3. Nutella + bacon
    Or in my case "fakecon" because I'm a vegetarian but I assume real bacon and Nutella would still be good, if not better
  4. Peanut butter + apples on a burger
    Again, a veggie burger. Add some sharp cheddar and ketchup, maybe a pickle too? 💯
  5. Grilled cheese + ketchup
    Okay seriously cheese and ketchup is a delight, don't hate ?¿ I don't understand how people can eat grilled cheese without ketchup, it's unnatural bye
  6. Broccoli + Cheese + Honey
    I honestly don't have an explanation for this one
  7. Potato chips covered/dipped in chocolate
    Fuck me up with that salty + sweet
    Suggested by @foodnetwork
  8. Celery and peanut butter and honey
    Might be an actual snack??? But I'm adding it on the list because I found out this treasure when I was eating celery and peanut butter while putting honey in my hair and then ..,,, well I found this snack.
    Suggested by @torihyder
  9. Sandwiches with Flamin Hot Cheetos
    Adds crunch AND spice what more could you want
    Suggested by @Zeealist