Her name is Nora, she's the middle child of three sisters. She thinks every observation she makes is a compliment. These are just from today.
  1. It's fine if some of your hairs are sparkly, but I don't like that they stick up.
    Really, tho. I see ONE grey hair sticking up. But, thanks?
  2. I think you look like a bad guy because your eye brows are pointy. But, I know you're not a bad guy. But you look like you are.
    It's fine. I've only been made fun of for my pointy brows since elementary school. No biggie. Tell me, Nora, how could I look less like a bad guy?
  3. Maybe if they were still pointy, but PINK instead of brown.
    Like this? No, still bad, mom. But, can you make MINE pink?
  4. I know you are my mom, but you look like a different lady. Because when you are my mom your lips are never pink. But, I see you ARE my mom because of your green eyes and your bad guy pointy eyebrows.
    Also, nice ladies with pink lips don't wear pajamas, and you wore pajamas all day, mom.