Perfect Gifts For A 37 Year Old Who Says She Doesn't Want Anything

  1. An Orchid
    She's never kept a plant alive before. But, she's 37 now and just might finally have the maturity to try. Also, it's very pretty. Who would say no to an orchid?
  2. Stephen King's On Writing
    Because she's a writer, or at least she wants to be. She's been semi-secretly working on a book for the last two years and you want her to know you believe in her.
  3. A pretty candle.
    Sweet and subtle scents are best.
  4. Birthday cards.
    Sure, you could just type a few words on her Facebook page, but you're better friends than that.
  5. Personal notes with lots of words.
    Writers especially like birthday cards with lots and lots and lots of words.
  6. Bracelets from her favorite jewelry designer in her obscure favorite color.
    This works especially well if you happen to BE her favorite jewelry designer.
  7. A Pumpkin Spice Assortment
    She might be 37, but she pulled out her boots, leggings, and blanket scarf on the first day of fall because she is not ashamed of how basic she is. This gift tells her that you approve!
  8. Journals
    An aspiring writer can never have too many.
  9. Chocolate
    Extra points for the organic ethically sourced variety. She lives in the suburbs and cares about social justice.
  10. Gift cards/cash so she can buy that set of bags from Free People that she's been eyeing.
    Who knew purple was a neutral? She did, that's who. And she'll appreciate that you let her choose!
  11. A Pretty New Mug
    Bonus if there's a monogram or if it helps end hunger. She's into herself, but not THAT into herself.
  12. Wine.
    You know you'll be over soon enough to help her drink it.
  13. A Celebration of Peace and Solitude
    She's an introvert-ish and you love that about her. So, take a little moss and grass, some tiny white flowers that open in the sunlight, and add a sweet little chair to the hill so she can imagine herself there whenever the world feels too people-y. Hand cut tiny triangles and fashion her the most perfect little banner. Assure her that the gnome won't talk to her. He's focused on the view.
  14. A Weekend Getaway
    Welp, now that her friends have utterly spoiled her with the items above, you've gotta come through. You, Dear Husband, heard her say she didn't want any presents but that she would love to get away with you and without the kids. You're smart and you know that if your wife is going to be bold enough to ask for exactly what she wants, the best thing to do is make it happen!
  15. P.S. You should know if you bring a 37 year old who says she doesn't want anything one of the gifts from this list, she'll probably make a list about it as a way of expressing her deep gratitude.