Puns I Refuse to Give as a Gift to My Kid's Teacher, Because I Actually Appreciate Her

Teachers deserve better...
  1. We're in GOOD HANDS with you
    I appreciate that you wash your hands. I got you more soap.
  2. I won the LOTTO having you as my teacher.
    You probably don't want any actual money, though. That's why you're a teacher.
  3. Thank GOD IVA got such a great teacher.
    What accent is that, exactly?
  4. I have to AD-MITT you are a SWEET teacher.
    This was tough for me, so I disguised my low level of acknowledgement in a crafty card and gift you with this task of baking your own dang treat.
  5. You are SO-DA bomb!
    I know you could get one of these on your own in the teacher's lounge, but does it come with a crafty pun?
  6. We need S'MORE teachers like you.
    To teach us how to express our gratitude without puns and clichés.
  7. Have a TOE-RIFIC Summer
    I'd get you a spa gift card, but you seem to like doing everything on your own with very little support or resources, so I figured you'd prefer to give yourself a pedicure, too!
  8. Thanks for BEE-ING such a great teacher. You're the BALM!
    That's right, TWO PUNS in ONE GIFT. Also, your lips are dry and flaky.
  9. Thanks for being a TOE-TALLY awesome teacher.
    Again with the toes...