Racism is dead, huh?

  1. A couple of months ago I read this list by the one and only Susie Ghahremani (@boygirlparty) and it really opened my eyes. WHITE HANDS
    I'll give you a minute to go check it out. It's worth it.
  2. It made me wonder, am I part of the problem?
    Hint: If you ever find yourself asking this question, the answer is probably YES!
  3. I'd only recently been SHUSHED for using my non-social justice platform to say BLACK LIVES MATTER.
  4. So, I focused my eyes to LOOK for black love. I decided to quietly do my part to share it when I see it.
  5. Viola Davis & Julius Tennon
  6. Pauletta & Denzel Washington
  7. Will & Jada
  8. Humans of New York
  9. These Babes!
  10. Want to know what keeps happening? People UNFOLLOW.
    There's an average of + and - I see on that IG account every day. It's natural and I don't spend a ton of energy focused on it. BUT, the average of un-follows goes UP every time I post a black couple.
  11. Racism is right now, and I'm not here for it.
    Guys! It's an account about marriage. But people get uncomfortable when they see too much blackness taking over their feed. We've been trained by culture showing us that "white is right" and "white is normal" so when people see black love, black joy, black success, it feels wrong to them.
  12. Buh Bye
    Here's what I know... I DO want to encourage people to have happy marriages and healthy communication. All the people. But, I am not here for racists. They can get their marriage help elsewhere. I'M PLEASED when they get a clue that we're not going to pander to their "white is right" comfort zones.
  13. But, but...
    What if they're unfollowing for some other reasons? You know, I'd love to know what besides BLACK MARRIED PEOPLE was so offensive, but I'm not going to get a chance to ask them. I have no way of drawing conclusions from anything other than the evidence.
  14. More than anything, this is a thank you list.
    Thank you List Community, and especially @boygirlparty, for bringing your observations, your truth, your lives when you show up here. It opens my eyes and I want them opened all the time.