Sleeping Kids Are The Best Kids

We have three daughters. We're exhausted. We like them a lot, especially when they're sleeping.
  1. Our kids like to party.
    That's Claire, Nora, and Alice (in chains)
  2. mmmm
    That's Claire. She's six now. She went to two birthday parties today and then fell asleep sitting next to me on the couch. Which reminded me how much I love my kids when they're sleeping.
  3. An extra half hour
    When Claire was three, she'd regularly come into my bed in the morning just like this and it was my favorite.
  4. I don't care where they fall asleep
    Kitchen floor seems cozy, little Nora? Ok then.
  5. Nap on the couch?
    Fine with me!
  6. In my arms on top of the nursing pillow?
    Sounds good! Scrumptious Alice was just about a week old...
  7. She wasn't even tired that time.
    At least, that's what she said to me about 60 seconds before I took this picture.
  8. When two of them took a nap at the same time
    And I felt like I won all the prizes.
  9. Because we're tired
    @TonyPeterson and I went away without our kids for a weekend once. We mostly enjoyed sleeping whenever we wanted.
  10. So very tired...
  11. So, sometimes, we just make them go to bed.
    Because I've got wine to drink and shows with bad words to watch. Nighty night! (If only I could figure our how to turn this into a gif: