The story of an Android user that, like the littlest sister, has to wait until everyone else is all done having fun with the new toys before she gets a turn.
  1. Is this real life? After months of watching B.J. Novak talk about it, can I finally download The List App for myself?
  2. YESSS!!!
    Bullets Lists Opinions Stories It's all HERE!
  3. OK, Michelle, you can do this... Write your first list!
    This is a little trickier and takes more time than I thought it would. It's okay. I think I'm getting somewhere. Maybe a Bernie Sanders list isn't the best way to introduce myself to this fun and smart community.
  4. SHOOT! I mean LI.STRODUCE™ myself.
    Welp, I missed that train. No problem. Bernie list is looking good. Let's add some pics.
  5. What's this cropping crap?
    Ah, squares only. Okay, I can do this. Just back up, use another app to get my images into squares, then come back. It's fine.
  6. So... Hey, guys? I see all these rad lists with gifs...
    Can I use gifs? "It's an Android thing, Michelle. But have faith. You'll get gifs like the rest of us, I'm sure they're working on it."
  7. Right. OK.
  8. Wait.
  9. Is that?
  10. Did they give me gifs?
  11. Who! Ray!
  12. I AM READY!