"This Guy" being my husband @TonyPeterson
  1. He'll curse at a waiter
    But only out of pure appreciation ala, "That fucking carne asada was ridiculous!" They don't always know that he's happy with his food, but I do.
  2. He holds my hand
    Mostly because he likes me, but also because sometimes I decide to get fancy with my choice of shoes and he WILL NOT let me fall down.
  3. He looks good
    I can't even care if I'm objectifying him. He looks damn good every time.
  4. DD for LYFE
    He doesn't drink and he doesn't judge that I do. I mean, if he's judging, I wouldn't know, because I'm already two margaritas in!
  5. He likes to talk to me
    We might start the night with a little work talk, then move onto faith, then our cute kids, then whatever we've been reading or listening to lately. I like the words that come out of his mouth.
  6. He likes good food
    And he'll spend money on it. Dates are splurges and he doesn't get cheap or weird about the bill.
  7. He's a generous tipper
    Probably to make up for the aggressive cursing.
  8. He looks me in the eyes when he's giving me a compliment
    We've been married for nine years and it STILL makes me blush!
  9. He'll have me home by 10pm
    We old and we don't care! Let's get away from these drunk whipper snappers in the city and back to our cozy bed to watch old episodes of Game of Thrones.