Utterly Dependent. Thanks Dietrich Bonhoeffer!

My husband's back went out on Sunday. He's been in a lot of pain and it's been really hard on all of us.
  1. I'm sitting now for a few minutes of peace outside of the grocery store without my kids...
    See the hanging flowers? Paradise!
  2. and I just read this...
    I rewrote it into my journal because handwriting is good for the brain and the soul.
  3. I'm grateful for:
  4. Dr. Weir
    Our friend and Chiropractor who saw my husband on his day off to give him an adjustment
  5. Kyle
    Who carried my husband's guitar equipment out to the car for him after it happened
  6. Joe
    Who texted to check in. He also told me I should consider putting my husband down because medical bills are expensive. Joe gets me.
  7. Katy
    Who brought us groceries that night, and WINE!
  8. Kristin
    Who brought us a pizza and prayed for us
  9. Lexie
    Our housemate who had DRUGS left over from a surgery and who watched our kids so I could take my husband to see his regular doc
  10. DRUGS
    The ones we stole from Lexie AND the ones the doctor actually prescribed
  11. Anam Caras
    So many SOUL FRIENDS who texted and prayed and encouraged us.
  12. Gratitude changes things!
    It's good to read letters that were written from prison during World War II when you start to feel like you're having a crappy week. Thanks Dietrich Bonhoeffer!