1. Dear #blacklivesmatter, You're right.
  2. We, the Police Departments of The United States of America, are sorry.
  3. We are truly mortified over our collective behavior.
  4. We have been defensive when we should have been listening.
  5. We have been reckless when we should have had restraint.
  6. We have justified the use of lethal force against the American citizens we swore to serve.
  7. We have resisted admitting the truth in order to maintain our position of authority.
  8. We are now committed to holding all police officers accountable for their actions to the fullest extent of the law.
  9. No more paid administrative leave.
  10. We are committed to a complete overhaul and retraining of our Police Departments, beginning with those that have the highest rates of killing unarmed citizens.
  11. We are deeply embarrassed and ashamed of the behavior of our racist officers.
  12. We admit that they are trained by a racist system.
  13. But, no more.
  14. Enough is enough.
  15. We can't go on like this.