while i've been racking up my drafts and hesitating to actually post lists, here are some thoughts i've had along the way
  1. why aren't voicemails something you can save forever? it's like they're not an acceptable form of memory yet, the way pictures are
  2. am i the only one who hates wikipedia?
  3. does my dog understand the concept of dreams? or does he just think there are two versions of himself, the one with me and the other one?
  4. whose idea was it to make jelly beans in every damn flavor?
  5. why did my dad tell me popcorn chicken was for babies when i was younger? ...like... no it's not.
  6. how many times a year does DJ Casper's Cha Cha Slide get played?
  7. i wish bread could be sold like 4 slices at a time. i don't always want to commit to a full loaf but i still want bread. like damn.
    not exactly a question, but you feel me
  8. i thought that things like this get better with time, but i still need you. why is that?
    jk. that's a Beyonce lyric
  9. why can we only try grapes and not other fruit in the grocery store? i always wanna know what i'm getting
  10. why is being at the gym so intimidating? why don't all gym-goers form an unbreakable bond instead of silently judging each other?
    or maybe my gym is just petty