am i hard to please? perhaps.
  1. weak handshakes
    what am i supposed to do with that? woman up!
  2. waiting
    OMFG no
  3. specifically, waiting for the car in front of me to finish pumping gas
    i didn't come here because i have gas to spare while you take your sweet time
  4. not tearing perfectly along perforation
    it's like nails on the chalkboard. so cringy!
  5. when regular underwear turns into period underwear
    😔 i wasn't ready
  6. when someone's windshield wipers are faster than what the rain requires
    just thinking about it makes me weird
  7. typing "i initially"
    ugh. too many i's
  8. when someone sits right next to me on the train when they didn't have to
    i know you see all these empty seats. quit playing with me
  9. losing
    even in practice
  10. being annoyed in general
    unlike being sad or worried or disappointed, i truly detest being annoyed
  11. when people pet my dog and i know he's dirty
    i'm sorry innocent pedestrian! you didn't deserve that
  12. being cold
    can we not?
  13. being unprepared for work or school
    😭😭😭 why do i do this to myself?!
  14. when people don't like my lists
    lol jk!