Because we don't always want to buy spicy food when we need to cry
  1. Pet stores
    Just fake some allergies. WARNING: may be detrimental to health if you actually have allergies
  2. Optometrist
    You're not crying, you've just had your eyes dilated, and with any luck you can snag a bottle of saline to hold the next time you need a good cry. People will just think you've got eye problems and that's better, right?
  3. Any wedding related store
    This one depends on how cynical you think other people are. Do they see tears of joy, or the death of love?
  4. Improv comedy club
    You can really let it out here, the more dramatic the better. Bonus points if you can get those improv obsessed people to join in and make it a whole thing.
  5. Any body of water
    Hide your tears in that salty brine, or YMCA pool, but preferably salty brine
  6. Art museums
    You've witnessed true beauty, or something like that.
  7. Anywhere, on a yoga mat
    Crying meditation is a thing, so have at it. I hear "fake it till you make it" is the hip way to transcend yourself these days