Corny Places to Take Engagement Photos

  1. A nuclear fusion reactor
    Bonding atoms, get it?
  2. The lost and found section of any retailer
  3. Conveniently "bokeh'ed" behind salt and pepper shakers
  4. A Civil War reenactment
    I imagine it as a little Baz Luhrmann Romeo + Juliet vibe for the history buff who still touts their APUSH score
  5. A pharmacy, with a pill bottle for love.
    Your love is my drug
  6. A Freudian therapy office
  7. Sitting on each other's lap in a "crowded" metro bus or subway
  8. A locksmith
  9. Caught in the other's fishing line/net (for the outdoorsy types)
  10. At the convergence of two ordinary paths that really have no significant meaning other than city planners realizing one path is both more convenient and requires less maintenance