1. A bakery where everything they sell doesn't live up to how delicious it looks
    Wasted money and wasted calories
  2. A 20+ hour flight on Ryan Air
    Bonus is they sit next to the crying baby in seat C36
  3. A table reading of the screenplay for the 2016 presidential election
    They have to narrate
  4. Any and all youth talent pageants or competitions
    Preferably as a judge, so that they have to deal with the backlash the delusional parents who think Suzy has the voice of an angel, when in fact her voice sounds like a perpetual car tire screech. Sorry, Suzy.
  5. In a car, in traffic, and behind a pedal pub going to the exact same destination as them
    I kind of feel bad about this one.
  6. Nuclear bunker fully equipped for the apocalypse that never came
    You make them think they're lucky they survived something terrible and then BAM they realize they've just wasted years as a mole person eating canned bread.
  7. The middle of a twitter war between two parody accounts
    Not a specific place, but I'll count it as a state of being, and the notifications keep coming
  8. An IHOP on Sunday morning in a suburban, evangelical community
    Good luck getting your pancakes in a timely manner, and remember, it's a sin not to tip.
  9. In a room with me
    I'm assuming the dislike is mutual and am fully prepared to win the glaring contest that will follow