1. Why would anyone want to watch someone pitch a "no hitter"?
    Got to be the most boring game to watch.
  2. The belt
    I feel like wearing a belt would inhibit running a lot.
  3. The Stats
    There's too many in my opinion, I'm sure they'd make more sense if I hadn't fallen asleep watching "Moneyball"
  4. The Seventh Inning Stretch
    The fans don't need to stretch. It's all a ploy to sell more snacks. Let's call it what it is: poorly placed halftime.
  5. Why anyone would want to be a catcher
    You have to squat the whole time as 90+ mph balls are thrown at you. At least they've got powerful thighs.
  6. The Pitcher's Mound
    If the ball was dropping too quick from regular height, why not move closer?
  7. But really I'm just bitter because I root for the Minnesota Twins…