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  1. Drink herbal tea.
  2. Have a cough drop.
  3. Take my inhaler.
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This will obviously only work if you have the new update. And if you have an android... Why?
  1. 🙄
    My actual face always.
  2. 🌪
    In case you get stuck Ina tornado and don't have time to text your family what is happening.
  3. 🧀
    I legit needed this like a week ago. #firstworldproblems
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Justifying the deep closet hipster version of myself because I knew them all.
  1. Happy With Me
  2. Tongue Tied
    By the classic Grouplove. It made me jealous of my parents when they say Grouplove at this venue like four years ago. #neverforget
  3. Carried Away
    Passion Pit. One of my favorites of all time.
  4. My Type
    Saint Motel. You've gotta pulse and you are breathing so... You're human.
  1. Sleeping.
    That's a given. For any person ever.
  2. Squeezing the juice out of each individual seed in a pomegranate by hand.
    That honestly sounds like the worst thing ever.
  3. Sitting through an Accounting lecture.
    I haven't even taken Accounting and I already loathe it.
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Prompted by The List App, My Best Old Profile Pictures
  1. I plead the fifth.
  2. A great picture showcasing the talent of my overly-large mouth.
  3. Dole whips are much more attractive than me. So, me+dole whip.
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