1. Sleeping.
    That's a given. For any person ever.
  2. Squeezing the juice out of each individual seed in a pomegranate by hand.
    That honestly sounds like the worst thing ever.
  3. Sitting through an Accounting lecture.
    I haven't even taken Accounting and I already loathe it.
  4. Listening to a debate about political issues by a bunch of BYU students.
    Hey, I'm not necessarily a super informed person. But I can definitely say I don't act like God himself came down and showed me the "truth" about global warming or stem cell research.
  5. Gouging my eyes out with forks.
    I'm basically about to do this anyway.
  6. Breaking both of my arms and both of my legs.
  7. Taking giant selfies with an iPad.
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    Mostly I just found this picture and it almost made me LOL in the library.