I've found I do a lot of the exact opposite of what I should or would like to do
  1. Stop making up crap excuses to get out of plans that you already made
    You know you do this all the time: "Sorry I can't hang out this weekend. I forgot I have a family thing." Yeah, you suck. Nobody like flakey people.
  2. When you encounter a small annoyance or remember something small you have to do, JUST TAKE CARE OF IT RIGHT AWAY
    That text you need to send to that one person about that one thing? Um that takes 10 seconds, so just do it already, you lazy antisocial child.
  3. Regarding making plans: if you know it's going to suck, don't agree to it. If you know it's going to end up being fun and you are just struggling to get off your lazy antisocial butt, just do it.
    If you'll regret going/not going, just use that as your guide
  4. Stop letting yourself forget and then remember things over and over again until the last minute or until it's too late
    Again, like before, if you randomly remember something you have to do, just take care of it right away. If it can't be taken care of right away, write it down so you can make sure to remember and take care of it later.
  5. Be more ladylike
    Burping in public? Not cute. Also take a dang shower and straighten your hair or something. Also stop saying frick and crap.
  6. Force yourself to make solid plans for things you don't want to do
    You really need to stop saying maybe. It's yes or no, honey, you gotta make a choice
  7. Either stop being awkward in general or stop being intimidated by people.
    They're just people, so do what you want fam.
  8. Be nice! Give a compliment or two!!!
    While you know you like getting compliments, you are seriously the worst at giving them out. Pay attention to people and compliment sincerely!
  9. You're cute and all but seriously that's not the most important thing in the world.
    Worry about some people for once. Worry about your soul for a minute longer than you look in the mirror, and witness a vast change in your priorities.
  10. Write in your journal a couple times a week
    How much of this are you going to remember in like 10 years??? Not enough
  11. Do one good unselfish solid act of service everyday
    You don't do it enough
  12. Do one exciting, new, or fun thing a day
    You really need to be more adventurous and make your days more worthwhile. When was the last time you played soccer with your brothers? Oh yeah, never. How about trying cream cheese again? Go to sonic with Savanna or some crap? literally just do something to make your day worthwhile
  13. Go to the gym HOLY CRAP just go to the gym
    Get your dang membership with Jamie and go like 4 times a week you know you have time. Go look at some transformation pictures.
  14. Stop staying up late
    Mandatory bed time: 10:15. Otherwise you feel and look like crap and you don't get anything done.
  15. Treat your body like it's your lifeline - because it is
    Eat veggies, work out, be hygienic or you'll regret it!!!!
  16. You might not be feeling very loving toward one of your friends, but for pete's sake, you better treat them so well they won't be able to tell
    Maybe they said something rude and thought nothing of it, or they can't shut up about their new boyfriend/girlfriend/crush, or you've just been spending too much time with them. Whatever it is, just talk to them like normal. Accept the silent/nonexistent apology. Pretend you love their newfound love. Listen to them. You know that if you lose them, however slowly and painlessly it may be, you will regret it. You will regret being a bad friend. So be a good friend: always there and always loving.
  17. Be more independent
    Pay for your own gas always, buy your own clothes and necessities. Make important calls on your own. However, asking your parents how to do something or how to deal with a situation or just for help in general: totally fine.
  18. Be happy