Things I Believed When I Was Little

I've always been a worrier, anxious and suspicious of everything, but especially as a child. Here are a few of the things I believed:
  1. If water filled up my belly button, I would drown.
    I thought that belly buttons had openings on the inside that would let the water in and because there was no way to hold my breath with my bellybutton, I would drown.
  2. There would come a day when someone (perhaps a murderer!) would break into our house at night and I would need to successfully pretend to be dead.
    At night, I would practice lowering my heart rate, shallowing my breathing, and staying completely still.
  3. Stuffed animals "woke up" and moved about at night after you went to sleep and carefully placed themselves back where they should be before anyone woke up.
    I blame Toy Story, How The Toys Saved Christmas, and The Pagemaster for this one.
  4. I had been reincarnated and still remembered a lot of things (school stuff mostly) from my past life/lives.
    A lot of the things we were taught in school seemed to be already in the back of my brain because when the teacher would tell us something new, that memory would resurface and I wouldn't need to practice or atudy because I already knew.