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  1. Papa Johns featuring Peyton Manning
    Why does he call him papa?!?! Also that pizza is garbage.
  2. Those new forest commercials
    We need commercials to let us know about forests?!?! NO. We all already know about forests. They're scary and there are tons of bugs. Also, great call to release the commercials just in time for winter.
  3. NYC Chinese delivery Geico commercial
    No way does a Chinese restaurant have a white man with a terrible New York accent as their delivery guy
I'm gonna be tweaking this list til the end of time
  1. A marshmallow world - Darlene love
  2. All I want for Christmas is you - Mariah carey
  3. Baby it's cold outside - Jessica Simpson and nick lachey
    Controversial choice!
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  1. The Last Holiday with Queen Latifah
    Queen Latifah is the best and takes everyone down a notch. Terrible clothes trying on montage. LL Cool J hates to fly but MUST go to Europe because he loves Queen Latifah! Believable!
  2. Stepbrothers
  3. Pride and Prejudice
    Yes I'm a sap
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Mostly due to my Mom not looking closely enough at the descriptions
  1. The Good Son (age 10)
    Macaulay Culkin was in it. What could go wrong?! Mom snuck us into this movie after we saw another movie (which one? Idk because that one didn't signal the end of my innocent adolescence). Maybe the R rating should have given her pause? I spent most of the time in the bathroom.
  2. Jury Duty (age 12)
    Yes that's right, the Pauly Shore classic! Rented out the movie theater in town for my birthday party. (Not the theater that's now apartments--the one that is now a bank.)
  3. Boogie Nights (age 15)
    Bonus appearance by my Grandma in this story! I was having a birthday party in the basement and the bathroom was upstairs past the living room. Mom rented the movie to watch with her mom because she thought it was about disco dancing! Every time someone came up to use the bathroom she had to pause the movie and watch as the person came and went. I think grandma was cool with it though.
  4. Django Unchained
    Didn't actually see this one with my mom. She rented it on tv one night with my aunt thinking it was a romantic comedy. Too much N word for their taste!
  1. Andie MacDowell
    Ugh, in every way
  2. James Taylor
    This asshole
  3. Papa John
    Just stop it
  1. Laundry
  2. Umbrellas
  3. A parked motorcycle
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