1. Do Michael's parents never go to the basement? They're oblivious that a bald girl in a hospital gown is posted up down there for days?
  2. Winona Ryder is reminding me of Reality Bites & Girl, Interrupted with all these cigarettes.
  3. I want to re-watch Firestarter now
  4. That looks like a big ole black monster vagina
  5. I'm really going to miss this theme music. (It's actually now my alarm that wakes me up in the morning).
  6. Nancy is so annoying. She's always making a face that looks like she's sucking the spit off her retainer
  7. The font they use for the title of the show reminds me of the cover of every 80's Stephen King book (The state trooper guarding the morgue is reading "Cujo"). I now want to re-read Stephen King books - I used to love them.
  8. I'm glad we now have the luxury of just being able to google "how do I make a sensory deprivation tank"?
  9. What is this "Home Alone" nonsense Nancy and Jonathan have cooked up? A baseball bat with nails in it?
  10. I could eat some Eggo's right now
  11. Would you really die jumping into water from this height?
  12. Carol and Tommy are garbage people. TOTAL 80s movie high school bullies.