The Powder Rangers are a prestigious group of gentlebros that only the elitest of elite make. Here are my personal picks for the top Rangers from best to worst. Criteria: Funniest Level, Lit Factor, Easy to get along with, and Special Attributes. Lets get I poppin in this mug ! It be dumb lit!!!
  1. #1: Joey
    This guy right here is a real character! First time I met him we talked about vampires and werewolves?!? Love this dude with my whole heart. Funny Level: 10, Lit Factor: 10, Easy to Get along with: HYFR, Special Attributes: Supreme Dancer and Grill Master Extraordinaire!
  2. #2: Jerid
    Where do I begin with this dude Jerid. Boy is goofy and always smiling like a real live boy! He's real and always willing to throw the nasty parties and pop xans! Funniest Factor: 10, Lit Factor: 9.5, Easy to Get along with: Voted most likely to brighten your day!, Special Attributes: Intense commitment to the U.S. Army and his bros and always has the hookup on the dankest YouTube videos and vines!