"Occasionally, I'll hit someone with my car. So sue me."
  1. Asian Jim
  2. Kevin's chili disaster
  3. What won't Stanley notice?
  4. Michael runs Meredith down
  5. Return of Toby "NO! GOD, PLEASE, NO! NOOOOOOO!"
  6. Dwight's yoga ball
  7. Michael's jeans
  8. Michael staring at @bjnovak through the blinds
  9. Smokey Robinson is dead
  10. Nobody But Me lip sync (@mindy fighting with Ryan in the middle - WUPHF.com!)
  11. Ricky Gervais appearance
  12. Accidentally celebrating Darryl's dead grandmother
  13. Dwight vs. Dwight martial arts
  14. "Hitler, Bin Laden and Toby in a room, I'd shoot Toby twice."
  15. "Classy" anniversary party planning
  16. Chicken pot pie and setting the clocks back
  17. What's Up Dog?
  18. Michael emulating Devil Wears Prada and Million Dollar Baby