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Haven't made a list in a hot minute
  1. I'm pretty selective about which shitty firework pictures I like on Instagram, so you should feel flattered if it was yours.
    Don't know why this didn't go to press
  2. I only know enough about things to make a semi informed joke.
    Really tru, but not catchy enough
  3. You would think after being in school for 15 years,
    Just decided it wasn't going anywhere
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  1. Hallie Parker
    The Californian Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap-- her nail polish, her crush on Leronardo DiCaprio, her apparent ease in all social situations
  2. Liz Lemon
    Tina Fey in 30 Rock-- the first tv actress that made me feel normal and cool as a nerdy, insecure, middle/ high schooler
  3. Libby Reynolds
    The mom in What a Girl Wants-- so beautiful, so cool, so independent
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an autobiography no one would read and tbh I probably wouldn't write
  1. Leaking Farts
    work, class, yoga, meeting the president... You name it, this title is relevant
  2. Sad Music and AP Classes
    Inspired by my sister who once told me "you know, I think your problem is that you listen to sad music and take too many AP classes"
  3. Perpetually Runny Nose
    Sick? Allergies? Just for fun? Always.
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- @laurencmark
  1. "I should start a punk girl band with techno influence and wearing a Mexican fighter mask when we perform... And just dance half naked."
Inspired by @sarahgorman ✨
  1. My sister sent me this snapchat on Friday the 13th
  2. A beautiful realization
  3. This is the address a drunk friend gave me for a party
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I stayed up all night to finish a paper and listen to @laurencmark sleep
  1. "It turned into like... a Simpsons thing"
    I don't know what this could be, but I could never love someone who doesn't dream about The Simpsons
  2. "Well it's better than using impact again"
    Definitely about my paper
  3. "Do you want to sit here?"
    She said this while patting the patch of bed directly next to her
  4. *dramatic conducting gestures*
  1. A paper cut between my fingers
    It was card stock
  2. A documentary about damming America's rivers
    I think I was put on earth to be a guardian of the rivers
  3. Exhaustion
    Once a day at least
3 more...
  1. Ice cream
    The greatest food ever invented. Preferably mint chocolate chip but I'm not picky
  2. Tater tots from Sonic
    The best form of potato I've ever come across
  3. Any kind of mints on the way out of a restaurant
    It's a tiny dessert!!!
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Ivy League hipster trash. Love em so much.
  1. Balaclava
  2. Lil Jon
  3. Kefir/ keffiyeh