Hungry or not
  1. Ice cream
    The greatest food ever invented. Preferably mint chocolate chip but I'm not picky
  2. Tater tots from Sonic
    The best form of potato I've ever come across
  3. Any kind of mints on the way out of a restaurant
    It's a tiny dessert!!!
  4. Watermelon
    The best fruit. I'll eat a whole watermelon... Don't think I haven't.
  5. Chicken fingers/ French fries
    I'll order chicken fingers and French fries until I'm 112 years old
  6. Pepperoni pizza
    Would anyone refuse pizza tbh?
  7. Wheat thins
    I pretend they're healthy
  8. Any other food that exists besides spaghetti squash
    I'm in college and almost never refuse food... Except spaghetti squash. That shit is nasty.
  9. Slurpees
    I've gotten one when it's 30 degrees.