Part of a trifecta with @laurencmark and @car_lay96
  1. Tracey Does Conan
    This episode is pure gold from start to finish. "You say my feet stink, you don't even have feet, BLUE MAN"
  2. Believe in the Stars
    Liz hopped up on meds and talking to Oprah is all we can ask for and more
  3. Brooklyn Without Limits
    Liz jumping on board with a "fair trade" brand that ends up being garbage is so relatable in the worst way
  4. Retreat To Move Forward
    "I dropped it when I was pretending it was my penis... Robot penis"
  5. Sandwich Day
    This episode has so many great elements, but perhaps the funniest bit in all of comedy is angrily flipping a table. "WHERE'S MY MAC AND CHEESE!?"