How remodeling sucks

Contractor promises the world and gives you hell
  1. Crew treats all your stuff as if it's about to go to the dump
  2. Always over budget
  3. Never on time
  4. Contractor doesn't do his homework but then expects you to spend hours on the Internet looking for your bathtub
  5. No one tells you that this is an actual traumatic experience
  6. You make two unexpected trips to the doctor, once for extreme dust allergy another time for Xanax
  7. You have to hold your tongue, practice extreme patience, and never show anger because they have all the power until the project is done
  8. When you're finally starting to see the end coming, they make eight hours worth of work into three weeks
  9. When the last check is written and you finally have your home to yourself you still have to think about that damn contractor because he's holding back all your receipts and just blows you off every time you ask for them